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IT Help Desk

IT helpdesk departments in any organization, regardless of size, are always overwhelmed by employee requests ranging from hardware to critical software issues. With no consistent way of tracking these issues, both IT team members and company employees could lose track of their assigned issues at hand and face a lot of difficulties that may affect their productivity.

Without using a practical and usable helpdesk solution, organizations usually submit their IT related issues via the phone. This results in having no history of logged issues, issues get re-routed a lot between IT employees and no data is available to report against to measure the IT team’s performance. Company employees will spend their valuable time having to follow-up on their IT related issues, which in turn might restrict them from accomplishing their daily tasks efficiently.

Our helpdesk solution was designed with an objective in mind to make it an easy task as possible for company employees to submit their issues to the IT staff via the web. On the other hand IT staff also should be able to manage their incoming tasks efficiently and only work on issues that relate to their specializations.
Our solution has been also designed with an objective in mind to make it as cost efficient as possible, which means we needed to minimize licensing costs and total cost of ownership for our solution’s users.
The helpdesk solution is based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and is integrated with a web-based employee portal for employees to manage their issues from. Our flexible solution integrates with the company’s active directory to maintain an updated directory of all employees and provide them with a single sign-on solution.

It also integrates with all major IP telephony systems and the web portal could be integrated with your company’s intranet to further facilitate submitting of issues for company employees.

Modules within the solution:

  • Employee Portal
  • Case Management
  • Spare Parts Inventory
  • Device Management
  • Different Communication Channels
  • Searchable Knowledge Base
  • Automated Workflows
  • Reports & Analysis