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Debt Collection Services

Improve debt recovery rates with MS Dynamics CRM’s collection solution.

Increased Debt Recovery Rates

CRM provides simple to use control panels that allow you to schedule calls based on time-zones within acceptable hours of the day. With Call Center integration, your agents receive calls that are connected live. This allows your operators to contact more debtors each day. System also logs all calls and detailed historical information is available through easy to use reports. The powerful dashboards give you immediate access to data that helps identify optimal times to reach debtors and maximize your chances of debt recovery.

Improved Agent Effectiveness

Often, the first contact with the debtor represents the best chance for debt recovery, so agents need to have all the tools necessary to make the most out of those calls. With the CRM Contact Center Anywhere solution, agents can review important details about each debtor and use scripts and worksheets to ensure consistent and effective communication.