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Property Management


Although Microsoft Dynamics solutions cover the back office and administration operations of most of the
current industries, vertical solutions cover front office specific industry needs stay the optimum solution to
have not only ERP, but a complete solution.
Microsoft Dynamics Real Estate works like and with familiar Microsoft productivity tools such as Microsoft®
Office Outlook®, making it easy for real Estate providers to learn and use.
Microsoft Dynamics Real Estate can be integrated with multiple systems and be tailored to automate
workflows within and across organizations. In addition to providing quality, real-estate organizations keep
looking for innovative ways increasing their customer satisfaction.

What does “Vertical” term mean?
Microsoft Dynamics Solutions contain a built-in development tool (language). We’re using that
development tool to maintain, modify, add and customize any built-in feature, business cycle or a report.
But, when we reach the level of creating a complete module over one of Microsoft Dynamics Solutions
contains a complete set of functionalities and fully integrated with that Dynamics Solution, we call that a
What does AX-based Real Estate Investment solution mean?

It means investors in the field of Real Estate can automate all processes and operations of acquiring, selling,
investing, managing a real estate item. Not only that, that vertical helps in managing the relationships of
investors, customer and vendors in one or more real estate items.
Real Estate Investment vertical has the ability to be molded to work the way you do while streamlining
processes and improving efficiency across your organization.


Increase Management Satisfaction
By analyzing the performance of Real Estate processes over all times (such as acquiring new real estate
item, split real estate and real estate assessment), improvements can be made to eliminate unnecessary
steps and increase customer’s satisfaction.
Coordinate the Delivery of Real Estate
Customized workflows can be developed to automate any complicated real estate approval cycle within the
organization the aim to reach last step with channel and traced procedures.
Extend Existing IT Investments
Existing applications can be integrated and extended by building workflows that can help bridge gaps
between separate systems and processes, maximizing the value of current IT investments.
Choose a solution that works the way you do
Real estate Module build to simplify the current of any real estate company and to minimize the current
manual work, Real estate Module can be molded to work the way you do while streamlining processes and
improving efficiency across your organization.