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Fleet Management


Although Microsoft Dynamics solutions cover the back office and administration operations of most of the
current industries, vertical solutions cover front office specific industry needs stay the optimum solution to
have not only ERP, but a complete solution.

Microsoft Dynamics Fleet and Maintenance works like and with familiar Microsoft productivity tools such
as Microsoft® Office Outlook®, making it easy for Fleet and Maintenance business users to learn and use.
Microsoft Dynamics Fleet and Maintenance can be integrated with multiple systems and be tailored to
automate workflows within and across organizations. In addition to providing quality,

What does “Vertical” term mean?

Microsoft Dynamics Solutions contain a built-in development tool (language). We’re using that
development tool to maintain, modify, add and customize any built-in feature, business cycle or a report.
But, when we reach the level of creating a complete module over one of Microsoft Dynamics Solutions
contains a complete set of functionalities and fully integrated with that Dynamics Solution, we call that a

What does AX-based Fleet & Maintenance solution mean?

Leading Microsoft Dynamics solutions and in depth industry know how and solutions will enable Fleet
Management, Contract hire, Rental companies and organizations operating medium to large numbers of
vehicles and machinery to streamline practices to better manage one or more

Device and Asset Management

Extensive functionality to manage your fleet, single or multi-brand. Creation of device master cards
via configurator and purchase order. Make full use of powerful procurement processes. Track all
mounted equipment and accessories, by device. Interface with Original equipment manufacturer –
OEM and other partners, including authorities. Seamless integration with the Asset management

Incident Management

Extensive functionality to manage your cases such as accidents, fines and other incidents. The
Maintenance case module encapsulates all tasks associated with an incident. Pre-defined job lists
guide your employees through the tasks needed to manage the incident, ensuring that nothing is

Preventative Maintenance

Limit fleet down time by managing upcoming maintenance and inspections. Make sure you know
what needs to be done and when it needs to be completed. Set up maintenance plans based on
simple yet flexible recurrence rules. Create service orders, manage warranties, perform recalls etc.
Manage multiple workshops, utilize time slot reservations and have full visibility over hours recorded.
Use operation codes with flat rates and job lists for standard tasks.

Contract Management

Includes extensive functionality to manage your fleet service, maintenance and loan contracts. Keep
track of contracts and ensure billing accuracy. Handle contract documents. Tailor contract products
and services to suit your customer’s needs. End to end functionality on lease contracts including
interest rate calculation, price indexing and more.

Short and Long Term Rentals

Plan, reserve, manage and collect on your short and long term rentals. Flexible pricing structure
based on rental models and classes.

Driver and Operator Management

Keep track of operators and drivers of vehicles. Manage licenses, skills, training, professional
experience and other employee related data. Get warnings on expiration dates of licenses.

Warehouse and Parts Management

Extensive functionality to manage your warehouses, spare parts and accessories. Item creation from
external supplier lists and automatic pricing.

Expense Management and Statistics

Full life cycle statistics displayed as totals or per usage unit. All expenses can be linked to a particular
device and contract for analytical purposes. Benchmark the profit performance of different brands
and models.

Sales and Marketing

Use the systems wholesale and retail functionality for de-fleeting, fully integrated with the Dynamics
AX supply chain functionality. Track vehicle movements, pre-delivery inspection, pricing, trade-ins
and inventory management.

Rental Agreements

Manage a fleet of long and short term rental vehicles as a pure rental fleet or loan car for service

Integration Platform

Integrate data with manufacturers and dealers to realize large efficiency gains.