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Asset Maintenance

Our solution provides basic Asset Maintenance covering business processes, like defining assets for Maintenance, preventive maintenance schedules, maintenance requests, workflow approval, Automatic generation of scheduled maintenance order, maintenance job order, assignment of resources onto job order, tracking orders and asset maintenance history reports.

Asset / Equipment information Management

Asset Information Management and Maintenance specific fields to be maintained in Assets Master.

Maintenance Requests & Approval Cycle for Corrective / Breakdown

The business cycle for application users to enter details for Maintenance request and Approval Cycle by flexible workflow approval levels. On final approval automatic conversion from Request to Job Order.

Maintenance Job Order

The business cycle for Maintenance order either Preventive / Corrective with tracking Resource allocation and Spare Parts needed for maintenance. Business Cycle in case cancellation of order is executed.

Track equipment’s Job Orders by criticality & status.

Equipment history card to track equipment history for maintenance already completed, track history for equipment downtime / efficiency over time period. Reporting on classification and severity of Job orders.

Track your maintenance operations using preventive, corrective maintenance types & severity ratings.

Reporting based on job order classification and criteria’s.

Inventory integration for Spare Parts consumption.

All the spare parts consumed for the repair are placed in Inventory Journal created automatically on Job Order.

Define multiple & flexible maintenance frequency by daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly.

All the spare parts consumed for the repair are placed in Inventory Journal created automatically on Job Order.

Flexible & easy generation of Preventive Maintenance schedules.

All equipment under maintenance can be assigned a Pre-defined maintenance schedule like monthly / quarterly scheduled maintenance; system gives alerts for upcoming maintenances.

Automatic generation & scheduling of planned maintenance orders.

According to the schedule preventive maintenance work orders are automatically created and alerts were generated to users to take action.

Define the defect, cause & repair codes for maintenance orders & tracking reports

Allocation of defect codes / descriptions to each maintenance order to get reporting analysis based on collected data.

Use the Document Management / E-trouble shooting guides upload to system to analyze history of defects & repairs.

Store E-Books / Documents / Catalogs in the system for specific Manuals / guides so users can access this knowledgebase from the module.