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Plastics & Chemicals

Maintain tight, efficient control over your production and manufacturing lines and drive superior production services by harnessing production workflow, reducing data entry, and providing better access to information. It helps in handling complex process-manufacturing requirements and scales to meet growing demands. Employees have easy access to the data they need, and executives can make informed decisions about production processes, products, sales analysis, and finance.

The best area of this vertical is the inventory management and improved quality control offered by Microsoft Dynamics AX. However, once the solution was deployed the company that put it into place couldn’t provide the training and IT support needed to encourage employees to use it. List below shows key benefits of that vertical:

  • System is customized to fit special requirements in the Gulf market, including specialized rules, policies, and variables needed for human resources and payroll processing.
  • Covering all business-related departments such as finance, warehousing, sales, purchasing, and production departments.
  • Involving all business-related employees to use and utilize the solution.

Manufacturing and inventory data is sent to the corporate office daily, while sales information is sent to the factories through customized workflows.