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Maintain tight, efficient control over your distribution channels and drive superior customer services by harnessing distribution workflow, reducing data entry, and providing better access to distribution information. The following section contains benefits of that vertical:

Optimize distribution

Streamline your distribution cycle by customizing it to your specific needs, giving you more control while ensuring that you obtain speed and accuracy without extraordinary costs.

Mange your inventory more effectively

Make the best use of your inventory and control its distribution more efficiently by identifying and optimizing the key steps in your fulfillment process.

Increase productivity and data accuracy

Reduce the time employees spend entering data manually in association with the risk of introducing errors by tight integration and automatic information sharing between fulfillments and invoicing processes.

Respond to your customers

Give your customers what they need and want -fast, efficient services- by tailoring workflow and item codes, also by picking lists to their specific requirements without extra effort or disruption.

Maximize your net profit

Avoid draining errors or delays in addition to increasing your customers’ satisfaction and your investments’ retention by effective workflow.

Access precise information

Remove obstacles to productivity and enable efficient customer service by increasing information visibility through reaching shipment date, status, latest, latest receipts, and more with advanced Smart List for your distribution.

Configure your solution to meet specific needs

Smoothly tailor the solution to provide the control and information you require to meet your business needs and those of your customers.

Tailored Workflow

Fulfill your organization’s and customers’ business needs, with complete control over configurable workflows you can:

  • Create user defined workflows, each with distance purpose
  • Define process holds at your discretion
  • Ensure all drop-ship line items meet your requirements before moving forward.
  • Advanced distribution (SmartList)
  • Fuel raid access to the details supply chain information employees need to do their jobs.