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Benefits of ERP

ERP, as a solution, employs best practices that have been proven in the real world; at least one ERP software package incorporates more than a thousand best practices.

ERP also enables organizational standardization; the user interface, the sequence of operations for a process, and system maintenance procedures can become common standards across an organization.

ERP improves information management by having a single database as opposed to multiple, often-duplicative systems; due to this centralized data source, ERP provides online and real-time information and facilitate intra- and inter-organization communication and collaboration. The benefits accruing to any business enterprise on account of implementing are unlimited.

By implementing ERP packages our customers achieved the following:

  • Better control for the Accounts Payable personnel over invoicing and payment processing which eliminates reliance on computer
  • personnel for these operations and boosts your enterprise’s productivity.
  • Reduced paper documents by provided online formats for rapid entering and retrieving information.
  • Improved timeliness of information by permitted daily posting instead of monthly.
  • Greater accuracy of information with detailed content and better presentation, which is fully satisfactory for auditors.
    Improved cost control.
  • Faster response and follow-ups with customers.
  • Less delays in payment by customers.
  • Better monitoring and quicker resolution of queries.
  • Quicker response to change in business operations and market conditions.
  • Competitive advantages by improved business processes.
  • Improved supply-demand linkage with remote locations and branches in different countries.
  • A unified customer database usable by all applications.
  • Improved international operations by supporting a variety of tax structures, invoicing schemes, multiple currencies,
  • multiple period accounting and languages.
  • Improved information access and management throughout the enterprise.
  • Solutions for dilemmas like Single Monitory Unit (SMU) or the switch to the Euro currency.