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Our Culture

Sermon believes that human nature can be very simple, yet very complex too. By understanding and appreciating it, we provide an environment that evokes employees’ self motivation and there-fore, effective management and leadership.

  • Empowered Employees

“A truly empowered team helps their organizations create better quality products/services and increase customer satisfaction.” As sermon began enriching its corporate culture with an empowered employee team; employees will be involved in the decision-making process. This culture can increase employee productivity, and quality to meet company business goals.

  • Strong trust relationships

“The existence of trust in a relationship is probably the single most important ingredient to making a relationship successful”. we have a high degree of trust, which permits a wide variety of social relationship, because we believe that if employees who have to work together in an enterprise trust one another, they will operate to set of norms, that will create a society with united objectives and goals in which all are going to work hard to achieve them in a highly respective way of work.

  • Culture at sermon

We at sermon strongly believe that open and honest communication with everyone is appreciable and productive. We insist from the first day that we are at sermon; representing a family with all the bonds among its members. We care, help, and corporate with each other in all aspects whether inside or outside the office. Sermonizers’ relationship exceeds being an employee in a company to reach being a brother or sister at home.